Alaa Dashti Contact Lenses - Alaa Emerald - 1 Year

Alaa Dashti Contact Lenses - Alaa Emerald - 1 Year

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Colored contact lenses are made to change your eye color in order to transform your look.

Lenses Features:

  • Lens color:  Alaa Emerald
  • Duration of use: 1 Year

How to put in contact lenses:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them well.
  2. Open your contact lens case and use your fingertip to put the first contact lens in your non-dominant hand.
  3. Rinse the lens with a contact lens solution.  Note: Never use regular water.
  4. Put the lens on the top of the index or middle finger of your dominant hand.
  5. Check the correct side is facing up. The edges of the lens should turn up to form a bowl, not flip out. If it’s inside out, gently flips it.  Remember: If the lens is damaged, don’t use it.
  6. Look in the mirror and hold your upper and lower eyelids open with the hand not holding the lens.
  7. Close your eye slowly and either roll your eye around or press gently on the eyelid to settle the lens in place.
  8. The lens should feel comfortable, and you should be able to see clearly after blinking a few times.
  9. If it’s not comfortable, gently take out the lens, rinse it, and try again.
  10. Repeat with the second lens.

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