Makeup Looks And Recommended Products For Self-Care

Makeup Looks And Recommended Products For Self-Care

I’m sure most of us are staying at home, working while managing the (neverending) domestic duties. And surely that’s no reason that we should store away our makeup products for good, as there’s nothing wrong with continuing the makeup routine, what more that it does help a lot for others, psychologically. And you can go crazy with a variety of makeup looks as well. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out more.

Full Face Glam Makeup

We all get too accustomed to normal, casual neutral makeup so why not go all out with glam once in a while. You never know in the near future if there’s a special event or two coming up and you know just the right technique to go with the glam outfit.

And the best part of this makeup look, you don’t have to worry about getting it wrong as nobody but your family member would see you, and this can be a perfect time for you to practice and decide which exact color that works with your complexion. Try out this eyeshadow palette from Hn Hn Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Palette - La or a compact version like from Jeffree Star Jeffree Star Eye Shadow Palette - Beauty Killer to get started

Everyday Makeup Look 2.0

Looking for ways to revamp your daily makeup look?

And nude makeup look has always been a staple (and definitely everyone should master the look fit for their complexion) but it can be tricky as there’s a plethora of nude palettes out there to know if it’s suitable for your skin tone. Luckily, the palette from Smashbox (Smash Box Photo Matte Eye Palette)is perfect for what we all need, with 14 versatile matte shades that you can experiment for variety of nude makeup look

Eyeliner Skills

Eyeliner skills should be in one’s repertoire and getting them right every single time can be tricky. Good thing we’re stuck at home so more time to practice! And we highly recommend that apart from standard kohl eyeliner that are more forgiving, upgrade your skills with liquid eyeliner for a more intense look, that one swipe is enough for the whole eye makeup - and IsaDora Big Bold Mascara + Flex Tip Eyeliner or a set from Rimmel Rimmel Pick Your Line Beauty Box is a good choice to start as being richly pigmented and so easy to use. 

The next step would be to experiment yourself with eyeliners in varying color, shapes, and effects (ombre liner is in this year’s Fashion Week).

Dewy, Fresh Skin With No Foundation

Want to pull up a quick look without going through the whole makeup routine altogether? You can by simply using a tinted moisturizer or BB cream Garnier SkinActive 5-in-1 Miracle Perfector BB Cream, a concealer such as multifunctional like this one Kryolan Cream Color Circle - N 7W - Natural or color-correcting ones if uneven skin tone is too obvious Bourjois 123 Perfect Color Correcting Stick, and a makeup sponge Ltayef Beauty - Makeup Sponge - Magenta and be done with it. Simply layer a concealer on the most obvious blemish on your skin, dab tinted moisturizer with the Blender is stipping motion (to avoid streaks) and you’re done in a minute! Finish it off with a tinted lip balm in deep shade Revlon Matte Lip Balm - N 240 - Striking and you’re good to go. 


Tip: practice this particular look until you get it right so you can pull it off whenever there’s an impromptu Zoom meeting.

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