Insight Incolor Man Hair Color - 40 ml - Light Brown

Insight Incolor Man Hair Color - 40 ml - Light Brown

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Incolor man is a high quality coloring system designed for male hair. With a low ammonia content, its formula is at the same time moisturizing and protective, to guarantee a real cosmetic treatment during the coverage of white hair.


  • Soft, moisturized hair.
  • Greater scalp protection during coloring;
  • Grey hair coverage.
  • Long-lasting coloring treatment over time.
  • Photoprotein coloring cream
  • Choose Insight Incolor Man - 40 ml - Light Brown

Key Ingredients & Benefits:

  • Hydra-color blend: an innovative blend of esters of natural origin, with protective and - most of all - moisturizing properties.
  • Organic baobab oil: rich in fatty acids and vitamins. Helps nourish damaged hair, giving it strength and softness.
  • Walnut extract: known for its high antioxidant properties, this extract helps protect hair from uv rays and the harmful effects of free radicals.


  • Vegan ok certification
  • Nickel tested
  • High percentage of natural ingredients.
  • Low content of ammonia.
  • Base treatment with extreme conditioning power.
  • Allergen free fragrance

How to apply:

  • The color should be mixed with activator in a ratio of 1 part colorant to 1 part oxidizing agent.
  • The activator can be used at 6 vol. (2%) or 10 vol.
  • Before using Incolor, do not wash hair, but brush it carefully to remove any residues of spray or fixers.
  • Perform the operation in a non-metallic bowl
  • Leave in place for approximately 10 minutes depending on the color you wish to achieve, the hair type, and the quantity of oxidizing agents.
  • Subsequently emulsify the color mix gently, wait a few seconds, and then rinse.


  • The product must not be used to color eyebrows or eyelashes, beards or moustaches.

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