Jewels Face Lifting All in One - 40 Pcs

Jewels Face Lifting All in One - 40 Pcs

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How to apply :

  • Stand in font of the mirror and put your fingers in front of your ears . Pull back the skin until the area looks smooth and free of lines . Wherever you decide to " lift " , that is the area where you will place the tapes .
  • The tapes are applied before the face is made up . The area where the tapes are to be placed must be dry and free of oil . These areas should be cleansed with rubbing alcohol . Pres - pare the lifts by placing the stem hook that is on the end of the elastic through the hole in the tapes . Do not remove the paper backing until you are ready to apply them to the skin .
  • To apply the tapes , removes the protective paper from the tape . Place the adhesive side against the skin at the desired area . Press firmly and rub gently for ten seconds to assure good contact .

Lifting The Nose to Mouth Lines :

  • Separate the hair from the top of the ear to the back and top of the head . Comb the hair for ward or pin it out of the way . Apply the tapes to both sides at the front of the ears and draw the elastics up pulling the skin up smoothly , But not so taut as to cause creases in the skin . Place the stem hook in the appropriate eyelet to obtain the desired tension . You may use a bobby pin to keep the elastics in place .

Smoothing out eye lines :

  • Follow the same directions for " Lifting the nose to mouth lines " but apply the tapes to 

Products includes :

  • 40 Face Lifting  tapes
  • 4 threads

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