Ministar Professional Makeup Contour Kit - N 01

Ministar Professional Makeup Contour Kit - N 01

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Be your best contour look with ministar's newest complexion enhance essential.


  • Its a 4-1 contouring palette featuring the iconic park ave matte bronzer and a complementing highlighter-blusher duo.
  • It has a trio of rich,skin-nourishing pigment infused with Amazonia clay and works wonders to help balance all skin types for a fade-free and effortless finish.
  • It comes with a sleek, portable design and full mirror so you can dress up your look and create an instantly slimmer appearance at home or on-the-go!

How to use:

  • When you contour you’re using shading or shadows to create an illusion of recession. 
  • Use contouring to help define or reshape your facial features. The areas that are not darkened or shaded then stand out! 
  • It can make your cheekbones look more pronounced, your nose more narrow, or even help you reduce the appearance of the beloved soft under the chin. 
  • You’ll instantly transform into a more sculpted look of yourself.

Pro tip: the key to successful contouring is to always use an opaque matte powder, liquid concealer, or cream foundation.

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