Rio Fabulous Nails LED Gel Polish Lamp Set

Rio Fabulous Nails LED Gel Polish Lamp Set

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Fabulous Nails LED Gel Polish is a high gloss advanced polish system that’s quick and easy to apply, for long lasting salon-style results. The colour gel polish hardens under the professional LED lamp in just 60 seconds, to create a mirror-like finish that won’t dull like traditional polish.


  • Hardwearing, anti-chip and smudge resistant
  • Salon style nails that can last up to two weeks
  • Comes with glossy, flawless Catwalk Red LED gel polish
  • Up to ten full manicures
  • Weeks of damage-proof wear

Preparing your nails :

Wash and dry hands thoroughly, particularly the nails. Gently push back the cuticles with the orange stick and remove all residual skin cells from the nail plate surface. Skin cells contain oils and moisture which will weaken the bond of the polish on the nail plate.

Lightly buff over the nail plate with the white sanding block to remove surface shine and any ridges. Brush away any dust using a tissue, taking care to ensure all dust particles are removed. Tip: You can check if the ridges have been filed flat by feeling over the surface of the nail. The ridges may still be visible, even if they have 

Applying Fabulous Nails
Apply the gel polish and cure. Apply up to three coats, curing each time.

Apply the top coat and cure
Once you have applied your top coat and cured, use Finishing Wipe on a Lint Free Wipe to gently remove the tacky top layer, to reveal the hardened, glossy gel underneath. Always wipe away from cuticle and use a fresh wipe for each nail to avoid getting the tacky gel onto the surface of the next nail.

Box Contains :

Professional LED lamp with power adapter
Professional sanding block
Orange sticks
Base & top coat LED Gel Polish
Catwalk Red LED Gel Polish
Lint-free wipes
High shine finishing wipes

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