Swiss Arabian Dukhoon Al Haram Bakhoor - 125 g

Swiss Arabian Dukhoon Al Haram Bakhoor - 125 g

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A welcoming start of fresh lemon and lavender invites you in and adds brightness and feelings of light. Merging gently into a beautiful landscape of sea and forests, this beguiling bakhoor brings the wonders of the world outside into the heart of your home.


  • Nagarmotha provides the earthy green scent of the forest underfoot, while marine notes evoke the ocean beyond.
  • Wrapped warmly in a base of golden amber and deep patchouli.
  • A comforting and beautiful fragrance that brings the beauty of the outdoors into your home.


  • Suitable to use with a piece of charcoal or an electric incense burner.
  • A slow-burning of these aromatic incense tablets generate sensational smoke to overcome any unwanted odors.

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